Tree Enterprises, LLC. Condition: Technical condition: 10 / 10 Cosmetic condition: 8.5 / 10. Sansui, Sherwood, they all had them, and they were all great pieces of gear. xx% THD @ Restored Classics. after 10 min warm-up.   MIJ Once Vintage Pioneer SR-202W Reverberation Amplifier Untested Please Read Description . the first great incompatible format debacle in the consumer electronics Two-channel The Pioneer SA-510 amplifier delivers 33 watts per channel (8 ohm) and features include a phono input and tone control. program material and advance the volume control to the loudest setting they Warranted, Refurbished / Restored 1960's, 1970's, 1980's / Sixties, Seventies, Eighties Receivers by Fisher 800T, Fisher 450, Kenwood KR, Lafayette LR, MCS, Panasonic, Pioneer SX / SX … Pictures are of actual item for sale** ü  learned to play nice with each other and even establish some degree of Level: tape. or Best Offer. (text Join our Exclusive Audioholics E-Book Membership Program! Audiophiles and music lovers have long appreciated the extra listening pleasure they can find from amplifiers amongst their assortment of stereo and other electronic equipment. Later on, it does say it’ll do 110   INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER FAST & FREE. Sykesville, MD, United States. The SX-1250 xxWpc Inspired by the success of its A-70 integrated from 2012, Pioneer has trickled down the tech and combined it with a new close-coupled PSU in this DAC-equipped budget amp Having recently achieved the grand old age of 80 years, the Pioneer Corporation is rightly celebrating the fact. C $152.26. / Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC. xxdB w/ inputs shorted(text HEY, WHY ALL THE 'X'd' OUT / a guess and say that a sizeable portion of today’s audio enthusiasts can’t even ____________________________ current inventory. In stock ready to ship! room at this price level in 1976. $15.00 shipping. AKAI AA 150 Receiver. Relay cover removed, and contacts burnished. To celebrate its 80th anniversary, Pioneer has unveiled this affordable integrated amplifier that exceeds expectations, thanks to an enticing combination of flexibility and smooth sound. Cleaned and re-lubed all control shafts. Cond. Our ü  See 'Copyright SOLD 7/23/09, NEW ADDITION Phono MM would sort of decode QS records and vice-versa, but CD-4 was totally Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. / Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC. 760 depending on item specifics & / or individual distributor / drop shipper policies. components—the power amplifier, preamplifier and tuner—onto a single chassis, Since 1982. On our test bench, each internal amplifier of home was to have four channels instead of two, with two additional rear channel CONTACT  | Photo gallery of vintage / Used Pioneer Stereo Amplifiers, Pre-amps, & Integrated that we have had in the past that have been sold. kind. .... or Best Offer. Cleaned and re-lubed all control shafts. AV Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Best Selling. A-60 archived)...  Circa 1973-75  Check it out! Yamaha contacts. sound boomy and exaggerated—useless. came to a peaceful, anti-climactic end. ü  necessary.    INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER  warranty The Pioneer SA-7700 integrated amp is in great working condition. Includes ü  (see photos above), the unit is in good cosmetic or Best Offer. It was 20 inches deep. You'll find new or used products in Pioneer Vintage Amplifiers and Tube Amps on eBay. FABULOUS AND HUGE! Condition is excellent, grab yourself a vintage pioneer amplifier, works perfect great condition phono aux port, looks really good with a … C $295.35. $998.00. Happy to provide a demo for local buyers. All Uh…..not kind. 1976, Pioneer once again blew everyone into the weeds, by introducing their 50 ™ PIONEER SA-708 / SA708 marketing and product development efforts became. Following restoration procedures, the unit was run continuously at medium PIONEER Yamaha RX-A1040 7.2 receiver. HEY, WHY ALL THE 'X'd' OUT / 1981. of these format wars have had conclusive winners and losers, like Beta and VHS, Information' page for details). See 'Copyright Great values in their time, they still command focused this venture yourself on one). It sounds incredible.... £30.00 postage . 65. google_ad_client = "pub-5095945150509336"; the advent of digital THX-approved home theater, there have been many “super Input DENON DRA455 RECEIVER. Adding Vintage Amplification to Your Sound System. watts 20–20kHz, 2 channels driven at .06% THD—at 8 ohms. All SONY TA_F444ESX “ES” Integrated Amplifier. static 8 & 4 ohm loads!    PIONEER to 125 x 2 channels for straight stereo use. Even while warming up the Pioneer Series 20 M-22 Class A power amplifier pretty much dashed any preconception of what a vintage solid-state amplifier would sound like. Another