Furukawa Nagisa ist die Tochter von Furukawa Akio und seiner Frau Sanae. On April 16th, Nagisa invited Tomoya to her home. Akio recognized Tomoya's uniform and Tomoya explained that he is Nagisa's friend. Akio FURUKAWA is a character of anime »Clannad« and of manga »Clannad«. Akio tried to subdue the hijacker and he was stabbed. Initially he panicked, but he later approved. He looks deceptively younger and is shown to be an avid smoker. He is the husband of Sanae Furukawa (who runs a bakery named Furukawa Bread with) and the father of Nagisa Furukawa. He runs the Furukawa Bakery with his wife Sanae. A person who makes bread and cakes, esp. After Nagisa explained the story of her drama to Tomoya, he approached Akio about it. Akio makes no secret of his opinion regarding Sanae's bread in her absence, but he is often overheard by Sanae, causing her to burst into tears. The two ahoges resemble the letter 'M', and she inherited that physical trait from both of her parents (Akio and Sanae). High quality Akio gifts and merchandise. Akio promised to stay by her side. Akio dug up old video tapes of plays for Nagisa to study for her drama. Watch Happy Birthday, Akio Furukawa GIF on Gfycat. Akio revealed that the hijacker's grandmother had passed away and that he pushed the brakes as Akio passed out. © 2021 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. … This character likes to smoke cigarettes, cigars or a pipe. v 2020-01, © 2002-2020 by AniDB; all rights reserved. Sanae found them and begged Akio to not run away and making her worry. About Akio-furukawa. You're missing out on most features of AniDB. Akio Furukawa Free Director and Executive Search, Company, Address, Appointments. He is often the victim of Sanae's bread, especially when Sanae runs around the town crying due to his accidental bad remark about her bread, and always have to eat her bread in front of her to calm Sanae down. Akio wore a pair of sunglasses and Nagisa couldn't recognize him. Tomoya discovered Akio. Discover more akio furukawa GIFs, clannad GIFs, clannad after story GIFs, my gif GIFs, oh well GIFs, the queue where wishes come true GIFs, these two gifs are very different in quality GIFs on Gfycat Sanae and the kids noted that Tomoya is very similar to Akio. After Tomoya graduated, he didn't look for a job. After Mei returned home, Tomoya and Youhei wanted to see Sanae again. In the middle of Summer, Akio invited Tomoya to visit the field where he believed that Nagisa was healed by the city. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. In his spare time, Akio plays baseball with children in the small park next to the bakery, and indulges in the Gundam fandom. Why not. Although he often talks and plays rough, he is kind and sympathetic. Background. Occupation: baker/teacher ... Akio stuffs his mouth with her bread and saying he loves it as he chases behind her. Akio Furukawa has one of the best characters in this anime I think and so had to come in here some were and now what's next. She loves Nagisa very much as well as her husband. They invited Akio to attend the launch of their new company at Kyushu. The major arc of the story revolves around Nagisa. Akio Furukawa Given a set of polynomials with coefficients in an integral domain I, we can generate a sequence of sets of remainders through with α1(μ), β1(μ)∈I. Her biggest fear is the Bengal Giant Lizard. He is good at baking bread and is the backbone of the business. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Terrestrial animals, humans are characterized by their erect posture and bipedal locomotion; high manual dexterity and heavy tool use compared to other animals; open-ended and complex language use compared to other animal communications; larger, more complex brains than other animals; and highly advanced and organized societies. kompany is the trusted source for official company information. On stage during the School Founder's Day, Nagisa was crushed by guilt and she couldn't perform. He and Sanae decided that it would be best to forget their dream and dedicate their lives to fulfilling Nagisa's. Modern humans are the only extant members of the subtribe Hominina. He passed out from the loss of blood and the bus crashed into a highway island. Akio left for Kyushu a week later. Akio then confronted Tomoya and warned him to never tell Sanae that her bread is bad. Appears in Clannad Kuranado CLANNAD−クラナド− クラナド by キー & Key Clannad (Series) Kuranado CLANNAD−クラナド− くらなど by キー & Key When they stopped at a bus stop to release the bus driver, the hijacker revealed that his grandmother was ill and that he wanted to visit her. In his spare time, Akio plays baseball with children in the small park next to the bakery, and indulges in the Gundam fandom. Pan Furukawa je tak trochu dětinský otec Nagisy. He and Sanae used to be very busy and they couldn't spend much time at home but Sanae is usually the first to arrive home. Posted by hidiveblog5126 August 8, 2020 Posted in Instagram Tags: anime, animebirthday, birthdays, happybirthday, HBD, HIDIVE, sentai, sentaifilmworks Leave a comment on Happy Birthday to both Momo and Nana Dev … Today is also Akio Furukawa’s birthday! ⠀ … Akio's horoscope, Cancer, predicted that he will be losing Nagisa and Tomoya's horoscope predicted that he will be stealing her. Akio used to be an actor. Akio offered him to work at the bakery. Although he often talks and plays rough (in addition to having a reckless personality) he is kind and sympathetic. He runs the Furukawa Bakery with his wife Sanae. Akio arrived home and discovered Nagisa buried under the snow. Akio is Nagisa's father. Akio co-owns the Furukawa bakery with Sanae. appears in 1 games. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Brown eyes and Purple hair that is To Neck length. - Wallpaper Abyss She enjoys inventing new bread recipes which usually turns out to taste horrible. 31 Akio Furukawa HD Wallpapers and Background Images. She decided to continue teaching the kids. Akio Furukawa (古河 秋生, Furukawa Akio) Voiced by: Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese); Andrew Love (English) Akio is Nagisa's father and the husband of Sanae Furukawa. A character originating from the island nation of Japan. Here's the deal with this video. She lives in the Furukawa Bakery with her parents Akio and Sanae, whom she loves very much. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Akio and Sanae kept records of their time before the opening of the bakery and Akio hid them in the storage room away from Nagisa's eyes. 2 days later, Akio ran away from his room to have a smoke outside of the hospital. Akio confessed that he has never heard of it and volunteered to look through the storage room for a clue, while refusing to allow Tomoya the freedom to search. An addictive small roll with tobacco inside, is lit and its smoke inhaled. Follow. Akio Furukawa (古河秋生,Furukawa Akio?) Nagisa's father. Together with chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans, they are part of the family Hominidae. Tomoya later confronted Akio and he revealed their story and that he kept the storage room secret from Nagisa as well. His childish side makes it easy for people to befriend him. High quality Akio accessories by independent designers from around the world. More. Akio also smokes and Nagisa mentioned that she disliked him doing so, but she doesn't tell him. Akio believed that the city healed her. Posted by hidiveblog5126 September 9, 2020 Posted in Instagram Tags: anime, animebirthday, Clannad, happybirthday, HIDIVE, sentai, sentaifilmworks Leave a comment on Happy Birthday to both Kyou and Ryou Fuj … Happy Birthday Yukine Miyazawa! The hijacker refused to drop Akio off for medical attention but Akio convinced the hijacker to release all the other passengers. Sanae, Tomoya, and Nagisa wished for him to visit them. The next day, the bus that Akio was on was hijacked. If Sanae hears or is told that her bread is horrible, usually from Akio, she will burst into tears and run around the neighborhood wailing. Akio heard that Nagisa obtained a job as a waitress at the new restaurant. AniDB is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Young man whose beauty (and sexual appeal) transcends the boundary of gender or sexual orientation. ดูว่า Furukawa Akio (furukawaakio) ค้นพบอะไรบ้างใน Pinterest ซึ่งเป็นแหล่งรวมไอเดียที่ใหญ่ที่สุดในโลก Akio Furukawa (Clannad) » July 20. Sanae and Akio deeply regretted their absence from Nagisa's life and decided to work closer to home to watch over her more closely. He is then involved in a bus hijack. Akio Furukawa is a character from the Clannad anime and games.. Nagisa's dad. Nagisa's condition became worse and the doctor couldn't reach their home in time. Later, Nagisa looked through the storage room and discovered old albums and photographs of Akio's and Sanae's life before Nagisa's birth. Although he often talks and plays rough, he is kind and sympathetic. Tomoya also encouraged Nagisa and she performed successfully. Akio also smokes and Nagisa mentioned that she disliked him doing so, but she doesn't tell him. She is calm and gentle but like Nagisa, she is understanding and kind. The neighborhood children wanted to practice baseball with Akio and Sanae sent Tomoya to go in Akio's place. Nagisa ist ein sehr liebevolles, schüchternes und etwas tollpatschiges Mädchen, welches sich für ihren Traum, auf der Bühne zu stehen und zu schauspielern dazu entschloss, dem Theaterclub beizutreten.
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