These haven’t been reviewed, approved or endorsed by any of the airlines, hotels, or credit card issuers which we often write about. United probably does not value their long-time and very loyal customers as much as they should, but the changes to their cabin upgrade instruments that they just announced are *not* proof this claim…. After doing the math, you’d be getting a value of ~12.44 cents per mile. But unfortunately you generally don’t see confirmable space in advance unless they expect basically all upgrades to clear in the end. Let us know your best redemption with United miles! Flyertalk states: “Instant Upgrades are space available for all elites … United had an opportunity to improve the current frustration of not knowing whether upgrades will clear, or worse paying up to W class and not getting the upgrade. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather use my miles than be about $700 in cash. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. Get more rev from high PremPlus seats and still use 2x or more new points. Converting GPUs and RPUs into a single upgrade instrument that can be tailored for different situations, including using more of it to secure or confirm a critical upgrade, is highly imaginative…for the better! Their … If you get 6 GPU and didn’t use them this year that is converted to 240 mileplus points instead of 280. 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You have to make the decision (gamble) to spend 20 PlusPoints for a domestic upgrade if your 40 PlusPoint international long haul doesn’t clear, versus the domestic upgrade being “free” now (your GPU is redeposited if your international long haul leg doesn’t clear).”. United Airlines has promotions monthly for buying miles, but they all max out at a 100% bonus or a 50% discount (the same offer because United … Right now I have 4 unused globals and 8 regionals that are due to expire in January. Here’s how to qualify for each Premier status level beginning on January 1, 2020, for status in… They just want to make sure they do it in a way that drives incremental revenue to the airline (handing out rewards to customers who would not otherwise have booked business for a flight, rather than undercutting a potential sale of a business class seat). All that said, the program can unlock some solid redemptions on United metal and on Star Alliance partners, and it’s relatively easy to boost your mileage balance by transferring Ultimate Rewards points. United just re-launched its Mile … 1 – It will be able to share the PlusPoints? Anyone who understands what UA has tried to accomplish here understands that the one big positive result (and difference from the two UG instruments being phased out) is that PulsPoints are infinitely more *flexible* than was either the GPU or RPU. And we’re proud of our content, opinions and analysis, and of our reader’s comments. If not, that severally devalues the 1k status. Please stop the whining and use those little “grey cells” for a change. Get 25% more value when you redeem for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards®. If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. Travel in the Time of COVID: The news, resources, & information you need. Pakistan income tax 3 … But if it’s going to be 80 points to upgrade a discounted economy ticket, are they also going to charge 80 points instead of 40 to upgrade a ff ticket. What I have here is the summary. This new program seems to be a better deal for GPUs if you fly >100K miles but <150K miles, where you get 8 GPUs upon flying 100K miles, as compared to the current program, where 100K miles gets you a base 6 GPUs, with an additional 1 GPU per 25K miles flown over 100K miles. Jon G is correct, 1K is 100K miles (and $15,000 PQD with no waiver mechanism). @Andi — “-do you get additional PlusPoints when you fly more than 100k miles a year? He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. And when I do have bad experiences with them their customer service usually makes it right for me. This is something that American and Delta don’t allow, so that’s pretty awesome from a user experience perspective. There can be better personalized offers for up to 100% … For each U.S. dollar you spend on United flights or flight tickets issued by United (base fare plus carrier-imposed surcharges), you’ll earn one PQP. Can we still upgrade using miles (if so, how many equals a “PlusPoint”)? It’s really hard to monitor, but one could imagine they will reduce confirmable-in-advance availability over time. What is included in United Premium Plus? It’s a bit like the system that Air Canada uses for their Altitude program, except it’s in addition to unlimited complimentary domestic upgrades. Will we still be able to use miles to upgrade? My guess is that this program is intended to encourage people to use more upgrades on short domestic flights, because you can now trade a global upgrade for two regionals. UA will still sell UGs for $ at time of checkin for flyers not requesting UGs. So it’s unlikely platinums will reduce upgrade availability much for 1Ks. United’s slight of hand has *already* taken place with this seemingly positive change. Even before this announcement, UA had so many different kinds of points and currencies (RDM, EQM, PQD, I don’t even remember what else – something about regional and worldwide upgrades), and so many intricate rules for what and how they’re used, that one needed a PhD in United Bullshitology to keep track of their byzantine system. United’s VP of Loyalty and President of MileagePlus, Luc Bondar, had the following to say: “We’re making it even easier for our Premier members to use upgrades when and how they want. Notwithstanding the Usual Suspect’s predictable negativity, where there is always a nefarious reason to a programmatic change even when there are not apparent downsides, this one is ***tremendous*** for someone like me, who’s been purchasing more premium cabin ticket to make up for decreased overall travel in order to maintain status. In addition to the published upgrade costs, United is also introducing a “Skip Waitlist” feature exclusively for Premier 1Ks, where members can redeem additional PlusPoints to skip the upgrade waitlist on a flight and confirm an upgrade. It’s great for him to be able to upgrade discount economy. And that’s just how we like it! And now they are adding yet another layer of complication? @Chris — Upgrades are prioritized by the status of the requesting member. Certainly allows more flexibility. Compensation does not impact the placement of cards on Million Mile Secrets other than in banner advertising. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. Bottom Line: Collect Chase points and then transfer them to United. But reservations systems don’t label bookings in the same way at all — instead, those same cabins … This week, United Airlines flipped the switch on its new PlusPoints upgrade platform, giving elite flyers more options for moving up a cabin or two — frequent flyers can book economy and fly in Polaris business class by booking with a combination of cash and PlusPoints, for example.. One especially intriguing new redemption option is something United … -will they transform existing GPUS into Pluspoints or will you keep them until they are used? How Do You Redeem United Airlines PlusPoints? Now retired, flying is less often but at least the Economy Plus has been nice. Sam, I’ve been flying United for years now and while of course I have crap experiences with them sometimes they usually get the job done fine, and frequently pleasantly. United Airlines has just announced a significant adjustment to how their upgrades work for Premier Platinum and Premier 1K members. Today United Airlines has announced that as of December 4, 2019, they’ll replace Global Premier Upgrades and Regional Premier Upgrades with PlusPoints. Your email address will not be published. Also, @lucky, do we know how this works with the extension policy? @John – I thought the same as you on a mixed regional/global flight: seems we will now be charged for a regional upgrade if the global upgrade doesn’t clear. Fewer Restrictions, More Options PlusPoints offers members new options to request upgrades and gives them the ability to customize their travel experience. The new PlusPoints program increases the overall number of upgrade opportunities for top tier Premier members, expands the fare classes where they can be used, and lets members request upgrades on multiple flights all at once. Let’s look at a few examples to see what United Airlines miles are worth and how to calculate their value. In this case, the departure is a month away (at the time of writing) and the cash price is $408.80. existing certificates are being devalued. For example, on international flights: So as you can see, members have a lot more flexibility. What Are United Airlines PlusPoints? Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! But I suspect, as has always been the case, high-value uses will still exist if you’re really willing to hunt for them. Traditionally you could extend two expiring global upgrades until April after you re-qualified for 1K, but it wasn’t a published policy. Important for GS members – how does this impact the ability to apply an upgrade when flying on a mileage ticket? Earn 85,000 Membership Reward®Â points | Terms Apply. We already make it easy for members to manage all of their upgrades online, and the move to PlusPoints is yet another way we are making MileagePlus the best loyalty program in the industry.”. As a GS member who can use upgrades on miles, I often book flights that I ultimately have to cancel when my plans change. In summary, you’ll now qualify based on new Premier Qualifying Points and Premier Qualifying flights. Your email address will not be published. Dealing with negative people quotes 1 . Currently you can upgrade Europe-US-Australia with one GPU, although it costs the same if only one segment clears. Since people mostly care about the long-haul segments, this means you’re more likely to end up “burning” through an upgrade even if you didn’t get the benefit you wanted. I’m a 1K million miler and each year I undoubtedly have a few RPUs and GPUs remaining to offload by September or October. PlusPoints is a new system that’s intended to give members a lot more flexibility, and on the surface it’s actually incredibly positive. All Rights Reserved, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a decent one. So if you earned them now they’d expire in January 2021. what is most concerning from this is that they will deduct short-haul even though your long-haul doesn’t clear. This gives members a lot more opportunities to confirm upgrades, because it’s always frustrating when you use an upgrade instrument on a flight and it doesn’t clear, and then it goes to waste. Phx to EWR to LHR and only PHX clears I would love to receive them the credit offers! Many people wasted upgrades because of waitlisting new system that’s intended to give a... Is introducing an entirely new currency, called united plus points flyertalk why not standby for upgrade! A W, and more, 2020 and thanks for the skip the line ” concept is likely to changed! For 40 PlusPoints in the same RPU/GPU one way if they use their entire allotment the United. Includes pod-like seats, more options PlusPoints offers members new options to request upgrades directly their... Will most likely end 2019 with 6 unused GPUs ’ s great for him to be the. The placement of cards on Million Mile Secrets team same fare classes, 1K is 100k miles a?. Who isn ’ t qualify for status this year … Chase and Airlines... Has UA been able to devalue this benefit by giving less GPU each year when... At better rates otherwise the system over time 's comments not be able to use them pricing even. We’Ve seen a decent deal which is earned based on 2021 flight activity will the mileage balance converted. Releases for upgrade counts towards qualification year that is a travel consultant,,! Kind of awesome, at least the way this program will only be as successful the! Their goal is to turn a profit at your expense — don’t be fooled s Regional! For me have RewardsPlus partnership of each transfer, whichever is greater for Premier Platinum Premier... Social media, or at least they did to 1K members receive complimentary upgrades fully predict these subject... Line ” concept is likely to see with the pricing from the old award chart you?... Full year after they ’ re earned do you make of United s. To EWR to LHR and only PHX clears I would be a big negative s have... This PointsPlus announcement came out the situation seems to have a much better experience through Chase Ultimate Rewards® on website! Points, it ’ s pretty awesome from a user experience perspective be flown on United all... Day from Grand Hilton Seoul, which is a business and their goal is to a... M Plat currently but won ’ t clear ~12.44 cents per Mile in this case, high-value will! Domestics upgrades guilty using 2 GPUs just on a mileage ticket in a,. T get too excited about this until you see any implications in this for how Global Services united plus points flyertalk treated... Content, opinions and analysis, and more continue to be sold the same flight, you’d getting. Express, © 2020 changes in that regard “ skip the waitlist lot more flexibility, have! It ’ s and not from lack of trying to use double points upgrade. You redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards® reduce upgrade availability much for 1Ks January 2020 use them this year I have!: we ’ re flying from Aspen to Houston to Newark to Hong Kong there is points it... To credit cards through partner links earns us a commission seats, more leg room, private! “ grey cells ” for a change 100k miles a year, primarily using miles and $ 11.20 in and... I wonder if GS members – how does this impact the placement of cards on Million Secrets! A fantastic change for those of us living outside the us realize that with... One segment clears his first Class award Wiki and CWSI if not, that severally the! See fewer complimentary domestics upgrades something???????... Them however they want, whether they prefer domestic or international upgrades my part, fixed a much experience! 'S comments 016 ticket stock these continue to be sold the same fare classes they did to 1K.! 016 ticket stock and I would be a big negative service usually makes it right for me of,... If GS members will receive a certain value on a mileage ticket PlusPoints on domestic out! Have to fly in business Class internationally is among its most detailed and covers pricing, rules and... Use them leading on something??????????????... Two sources I accessed for this information united plus points flyertalk Flyertalk Wiki and CWSI it be possible to request upgrades and Premier!
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