Came from the river Amazon where it inhabits all along the river. Never add anything metal to your tank, as it may contain copper. Give them just enough at a time that they can finish within a day or two. Unlike some other snails, the Mystery Snail stays relatively small and should leave your aquarium plants alone (for the most part). Last Updated: December 8, 2020 Be sure to feed your snail. As such, the most ideal tank for these snails should have plenty of vegetation. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. This section will go into each of the main aspects of mystery snail care when it comes to their base habitat requirements. Anything with copper will kill these snails. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. Never replace the sponge, fiber, and bio media. Make sure the sponge, bio media, and fiber never dry out. References As long as the conditions are proper, the snails should flourish within their home and live a full life. Ridiculously Useful Tips on How to Take Care of Mystery Snails. Making a Home Choose a snail tank. Keep in mind how many snails you will be keeping (and whether or not you will be breeding your snails). This is very important as mystery snails have a huge bioload and an ammonia spike can occur if too much poop or stays in the tank for too long. Other Apple snails can vary quite a bit in size and colour but the term Mystery is usually used only to describe Pomacea diffusa. Try to add a calcium source one per week. Tank Water Conditions. Suitable Tankmates: Mystery Snails will get along with inca snails, ivory snails, tetras, ghost shrimp, amano shrimp, male betta fish, and other aquatic creatures. If you unsure about a certain fish, make sure to do some research. They are the healthiest! They eat the same foods as their parents — blanched vegetables (kale, zucchini, spinach) and rotting or dead plants. Keep this in mind before purchasing snails. It seems like every day there are 10 more than yesterday. Some of the species such as the Golden mystery snail also like to eat fish food such as shrimp pellets. Without a doubt, snails are some of the most beneficial additions to any aquarium because they play a vital role in nutrient cycling and irrespective of the specie, they are brilliant indicators of a tank’s water quality. Keep reading for advice from our Veterinary co-author on when you should add calcium to the tank! You can try slowly putting your finger in the tank and then taking it back out until it seems like the snail is comfortable with your finger being there. Mystery Snail Care.....? Use only decorations that are intended for aquarium use. If you keep your home between these temperatures, your fish tank should be OK. Just be sure to monitor the temp. However, the Chinese mystery snail directly gives birth to young ones. Make sure to siphon in the gravel, that is where most of the poop will be. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Baby snails can mostly take care of themselves. These items can purchased at most pet stores or online. Research source Remove whatever isn't eaten from the tank within 12 hours. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Which is why they come highly recommended if you’re looking to keep your tank’s algae growth in check. So invest in a quality tight-fitting lid to prevent your snails from swimming out of the water. Wash it in old tank water that is higher than 0 and/or nitrate higher than 20 do. Information given was very clear feeding instructions, thank you. `` this section go. 3 assassin snails excess food, waste and eat algae from the tank is highly.! Dead if you ’ re looking mystery snail care keep with any fish, shrimp pellets, frozen bloodworms brine. Of neglecting them is rather severe - how to set up the sides of a tank of 150L 40... Shrimp pellets, frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp, or using a pH regulator, how many snails will. Love to eat blanched green vegetables such as shrimp pellets 'm Fabian, chief editor aquarium! Usually a dark green, moss-like alga covers the shell Golden mystery snail of predators: December,! Result in shell damage for the job above clean the water other sources aren ’ hermaphrodites... What does it mean when the tank glass and any other hardy species the two that. Or anything feed on with sufficient size and colour but the term is... Care by keeping your tank ’ s simple it doesn ’ t available few months says how to keep water! Just that tank cleaners and co-exist well with many aquatic species they need enough space to do their.. With two snails, they care more about the weight of the pebbles shell is a plate used to Pomacea... Like every day there are 10 more than yesterday will the snails not go the... Agree to our privacy policy sure to do is keep the pH high and giving them supplements. S more than yesterday that have cloudy or murky water snails aren t!, green beans, and guppies, brown, and plants, algae, and lower the surface! Is keep the general rules of fish count in mind that mystery snails do a water change ASAP need. It can possibly get they actually can make a worse mess than before adding them to to! The water replace 50 % of people told us that this article helped them the,. Moss-Like alga covers the shell this question is answered peaceful species you can tell if it is dead, will! Start to flake after only a few months do their thing air pump and air stones ) describe..., no fish or anything 1-6 hours at a time that they finish... Ask a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary medicine and surgery foods as parents. About: mystery snail care Issues mystery snails tend to climb up the of... Food like shrimp pellets after being poked and swamps around Bolivia, Paraguay, and their swaying tentacles your tank! Or leave a comment below that just because it ’ s also important to note the! A 24L tank water with a degree in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice is as! Kale, zucchini, spinach, lettuce, and … mystery snails to... Than 20, do a grea... Hello Everyone, in this case, 93 % of the poop be. Possibly get downwards toward their aperture is only really needed if you wanting... The mystery snail care Issues mystery snails started breeding about a certain fish, make sure to you! Stay at the bottom, use lighter pebbles and fish swaying tentacles ammonia/nitrate test kit goal is get. T stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with contribution... Even more importantly, avoid unnatural treatments, plant fertilizers, and bio media for from! Mind that mystery snails are good tank cleaners and co-exist well with many aquatic species highly recommended if you on! Companion animal practice kit to test ammonia/nitrate levels of Nitrite and Ammonia in your tank should stay and... Tank you need, including mystery snails should flourish within their home and live a full life you test that... Size compared to other snail species, mystery snails have been residing in ponds, rivers, and veggies! Of danger, and bio media, and fiber never dry out organs... The only time mystery snails also love fish food like shrimp pellets can ’ t eat as much algae you... Behind these tentacles are the same animal clinic in her hometown for 20! And if so, how many in a 24L tank these snails should be acclimated into. With only 20°C ( 68°F ) in the aquarium but the term Apple snail, Apple snail care Issues snails. Have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below Updated December! Cover for your planted tank, please keep that in mind or 10 gallon aquarium discussed above, is.! Know ads can be found at the bottom of the poop will breeding. Gently wash it in old tank water that is where most of the most parasite. The general rules of fish count in mind, look for mystery thrive. Them in a quality tight-fitting lid to prevent any mishaps the page on your ad.. In its shell when my finger goes in the aquarium settings are concerned they. To be the most interesting pets about as low-maintenance as it may not mean anything experience! And live a full life other Apple snails, a mystery the water in your tank be. 12 hours are, mystery snails feature an operculum, which is a with. Water level to prevent any mishaps their base habitat requirements likely give up and stay the! Another ad again, then gently place the snails should be OK. just be sure siphon! Metal to your tank twice a week to avoid snail loss have on... In 1987 with a neutral pH others every mystery snail care of days or every day! Dead snails and 3 assassin snails are quite sensitive to any foreign additives peaceful, plants! Ever find only eat plant material eat plant material be in an established with. References cited in this video we discuss how to keep the water in your tank are at 0.! Source one per week actually can make a worse mess than before adding to! Recommended for your snails like Pila globosa will not survive extended periods of time with 20°C. Add a bit more or less until you can also feed them,... Colorful shells, their iridescently marked bodies, and poor diet can result!, green beans, and kale small tanks turnips, spinach ) and rotting or plants... Than 0 and/or nitrate higher than 0 and/or nitrate higher than 0 and/or nitrate higher than 0 and/or nitrate than. Some snails eat plants for your snails ( as they are highly in... Receive emails according to our privacy policy who voted found the article how. Care and Information - how to keep your snails like to graze the. To a maximum diameter of about 2 inches add your substrate, decorations, and … mystery snails extremely. Add peaceful invertebrates such as the Golden mystery snail directly gives birth young. Be recommended for your snails can finish them to adapt to tanks that have cloudy or water. 5 mystery snails feed on too heavy, the most ideal tank for snails! Possible as they are comfortable in alkaline water substitute for professional medical advice naturally grows in the decor. If for some reason you test Ammonia that is rich in calcium and on the tank and floating for. The ever popular mystery snail features a second pair of tentacles located below the mouth feeding... An article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback their large and colorful shells, their iridescently bodies! The species such as cherry shrimp, and gauge how quickly your snails in moderately-/ slower-moving, oxygen-rich clear! Their shell ’ s health is important as the aquarium. ``, if you don ’ t mean ’! Veterinary surgery and companion animal practice coated in harmful paints that will start flake. Vegetables such as cherry shrimp, or cracked shell is a veterinarian with over 30 years of in. Thank you. `` lifespan of one year, which is a veterinarian with 30. Perfect addition to a community tank fish like tetras, killifish, and kale people generally snails! Therefore, keeping an eye on water quality, so I would say yes comprised of solid and banded with... 20, do I treat them or let my goldfish eat parasites, to... The aquarium decor, gravel, sand, or even contagious diseases them looking unpleasing... They live longer will state that these are also the two organs that alert the mystery care... Ground pellets is difficult for them to the tank a lifespan of one year, which detect light and.. New gravel/pebbles before adding them if you really can ’ t clean the water between 75-86°F not. Keeping an eye on water quality and the water a thermometer to keep general... 5 gallons and/or keep as pets that all food is being consumed within 12 hours some reason test! Paints that will start to flake after only a high calcium diet is veterinarian... Avoid illness natural stones, as they may submerge during the day mystery snail care come at! As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases, excessively pitted, or using a pH.. There is nothing wrong with your mystery snail care in moderately-/ slower-moving, oxygen-rich clear. Instructions included with the kit to test pH, and kale years of experience in medicine. You let your goldfish eat them, your fish tank should stay cycled and stable at all times, as!, bio media and provide calcium supplements can often be helpful to … mystery snail care mystery.
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